Health Ring
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Dual-energy, dual-health stone

The ring is inlaid with two energy stones to enhance human EMF.

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Enjoy exclusive, secure parking access with this unique ring.
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Enjoy secure and exclusive professional access with this unique ring.
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Say goodbye to credit cards and smartphone payments!
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File transfer between different devices up to 128GB
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Allows emergency alerts to be triggered by a simple scan

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IP56 is an international certification that defines a device’s level of protection against dust and water.

What is EMF?

Human action commands are issued by the brain.
When bioelectrical signals from the brain are transmitted to our limbs, an electromagnetic field is formed around the whole body, called EMF. Illness, stress and fatigue interfere with the transmission of these electrical signals, which is why EMF enhancement is a means of improving balance, strength and speed.
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Tai Chi Theme Img

Tai Chi theme

With its innovative two-tone Tai Chi design, the R5 is a must-have accessory for fans of avant-garde style. This bold aesthetic choice makes it a resolutely modern and sophisticated piece of jewelry.

One-touch IoT

The ring can be used as a trigger for the smart scene on MI Home smart devices.

Touch the Internet: When a friend arrives, their phone goes online as soon as the ring touches them.
Smart scene: touch the ring to launch the Mija smart scene
Device plug-in: touch the ring to quickly open the smart device plug-in.

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Ring Crystal Img

Fine ceramic, no scratches

The entire body is made of fine microcrystalline zirconium ceramic, whose surface hardness is matched only by that of diamond, durable and scratch-free.

Mohs hardness

  • Masonry 100% 100%
  • R5 smart Ring 90% 90%
  • Stainless steel 50% 50%

Continuous iteration

New functions are constantly being updated, and we hope you’ll enjoy discovering them.

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Rfid Nfc Ring Img

6 Coexistence of RFID cards

The entire body is made of fine microcrystalline zirconium ceramic, whose surface hardness is matched only by that of diamond, durable and scratch-free.

Includes 6 sets of RFID chip modules,
Simulates 2 IC cards simultaneously,
2 ID cards and 2 NFC cards,
6 cards coexist without conflict

IC card: 13.56MHZ Mifare1(M1) proximity card type
Card ID: 125KHZ EM proximity card type
NFC card: 13.56MHZ NTAG proximity card type


Before Use Whithout Ring Img


Before Use Whith Ring Img

A new tool for meetings

Add friends with a single touch, simple and easy to use, to quickly break the ice.

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Sos Ring Img

Send an SOS

Location message, the ringtone can trigger the phone to send a GPS location message to several contacts.

Virtual Calling

The ringtone can prompt the cloud server to call you, so you can find a suitable excuse for leaving.
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Social Sharing Ring Img

Sharing information

Use the touch ring to share social contacts, including almost all popular social platforms

Wireless flash disk

Use the touch-sensitive ring to transfer files, and each ring has 128 GB of exclusive storage space.
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Waterproof Ring Img

Lightweight and waterproof

It weighs just 9 g and is dust- and waterproof to IPv6 standards.

Gentle and respectful of the skin

thanks to the low thermal conductivity of microcrystalline zirconium,
Thanks to CNC polishing over ten thousand times, R5 has a warmth and softness similar to that of jade.

Small and powerful

Compared to the regulating capacity of the energy bracelet.
Specially designed for modern living, it helps you improve your health.
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Apple Ring Img

Compatible with Apple

Just one touch when launching Apple Shortcuts

Compatible with Hawei

The ring can be defined as

theHuawei Partage connection tag

Huawei Ring Img
Amiibo Ring Img

Compatible with Amiibo

The ring can be used as a common Amiibo to unlock Nintendo game mode or accessories

I just don’t think the ring can be used to pay for purchases. Like an OK access card clone

Camille R.

Fast delivery *** works as described *** Application works Great *** Thanks to you *****😚”

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“Perfect shape with rounded outer edges. Very nice and perfect fit on the finger.”

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